49€ / month
  • Essential maintenance
  • Monthly backups
  • Activity time monitoring
  • 40 monthly minutes of work included
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


79€ / month
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Weekly backups
  • Activity time monitoring
  • 1 monthly hour of work included
  • 10% discount on price per hour
  • Security management
  • Database optimization
  • Monthly reports


119€ / month
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Daily backups
  • Activity time monitoring
  • 2 monthly hours of work included
  • 15% discount on price per hour
  • Security management
  • Database optimization
  • Monthly reports


Why do I need maintenance for my WordPress website?

These are the 4 most important reasons.

  1. Protection: a website that is not updated is exposed to security threats. Keeping WordPress updated, the plugins and the themes will prevent your website from being vulnerable to malware infections and external attacks. In addition, such updates must be done by a professional to avoid possible conflicts with other parts of the site.
  2. Optimization: with each WordPress or plugin update, apart from fixing security breaches, code is also optimized and the performance of the site is improved, so in the end your website's loading speed improves. In addition, the database needs to be taken care of as well, like if it was a car.
  3. Backups: as you never know when a website can crash (for whatever reason), it is super-important to have a backup copy and, even more important, to know how to restore them.
  4. SEO: Google knows when a website is not well maintained, due to various factors, and that may harm you in the search results.
What's included in the "essential" maintenance and the "advanced" maintenance?

In the "essential" maintenance, the WordPress, themes and plugins updates will be installed monthly.

In the "advanced" maintenance , the WordPress, themes and plugins updates will be installed weekly.

Moreover, in both cases, I check that new updates do not get in conflict with other parts of your site.

In the time of work included, what kind of work do you do and how do I talk to you?

All the plans have available X minutes/hours of work (depending on the plan), and that includes anything you want related to your website.

To request it, simply write me an email to

What payment methods can I use?

Currently I only accept credit/debit cards; it is the safest system and with the least commissions for both.

Do you accept WooCommerce sites?

Of course.

When will you start taking care of my website?

As soon as I get the payment and all the requested data. This usually happens 24-48-72 hours from the moment you send the payment. I will let you know 😉

Should my website meet certain requirements?

Yes, your website should not be in poor technical condition as a result of "hacking", virus or malware infections, misuse of the administration panel, or similar. If so, and if you agree, I will fix it based on the hourly price defined in the terms and conditions.

How much does it cost to restore a website from a backup, if necessary?

All needed restores are included in all plans free of charge.

What's included in the security management?

In addition to keeping backup copies of the files and database of the website, I will apply the necessary measures to have the website safe and protected against potential malicious attacks. That includes installing and configuring one of the best security plugins and adding/removing custom code that improves protection.

What are monthly reports?

Each month I will send you a report with everything that has been done as part of the maintenance.