Gerard Blanco

WordPress expert


WordPress web design

WordPress websites creation

Design implementation

WordPress maintenance

WordPress troubleshooting

Web speed optimization

Plugin and theme translation

WordPress consultancy


¿Trabajas con otra plataforma a parte de WordPress?


¿Cuánto tiempo llevará lo que quiero?

Each website and person is a different world. For example, a simple blog is not the same as an online store, and each one will have its peculiarities.

But when you know what exactly you want, we will be able to better estimate how long it will take.

Who I am

I’m Gerard Blanco and I am expert in WordPress.

Passionate about everything related to technology, I graduated as a computer engineer and studied and trained in WordPress. This allowed me to learn, deepen and master this field to be able to offer my services as an expert in WordPress, designing and implementing websites, maintaining them periodically, solving problems, optimizing speed, and advising my clients.