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Web design and support

“From the first moment, Gerard got the idea I wanted to reflect on my website and he was enriching it (and still does) with his suggestions and ideas. I am very satisfied with the result, and my customers congratulate me constantly on how clear and easy to navigate it is to visit Naikare.”


“Highly recommended to work with Gerard, he always complied with the changes we requested and cared about his work so we would be 100% satisfied.”


“It’s been a pleasure working with Gerard. Along the way he was very attentive and always knew how to choose the right design, colors, texts and sizes. Gerard is a very serious and professional person in his field and you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for a WordPress web designer, don’t think about it too much!”


“Gerard did a very professional work, he put a lot of attention to detail and perfection, the result was amazing. I would definitely recommend working with Gerard to anyone who wants to have a great looking WordPress site.”


“Gerard was a pleasure to work with. Always listened to what I wanted, was open to suggestions, and was always available for discussion. He designed exactly what I requested in a very quick time and at a reasonable price. I’m super happy with my website. Highly highly recommended.”



Design and implementation

Support and maintenance

Web design

Hosting and/or platform migrations

WordPress implementation

Responsive design

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Reviews of your website

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Design and implementation

Web design

Implementation on WordPress

Responsive design

Hosting and/or platform migration

Support and maintenance

Updates management

Security management

Backups management

Reviews of your website

WordPress web designer

My name is Gerard Blanco and I was born in Barcelona.

Passionate about everything related to technology, I got a Computer Systems degree and later I moved to Israel, where I still live, and where I was part of one of the famous Israeli startups serving customers from all over the world.

Meanwhile, I studied and trained myself in WordPress, which allowed me to learn, deepen and master this field to be able to work as a WordPress web designer, designing and implementing websites based on WordPress, and provider of support and WordPress maintenance services.

Gerard Blanco - WordPress web design

How I work

My best qualities are professionalism and perfectionism. I like to work to the smallest detail.
Also, I want to have good communication with you, I listen to you and I advise you in what I can.

My work is based on three points.

  • Simplicity: I like simple sites, with the essential, no frills. The most visited page in the world is a logo and a search field. Nothing else.
  • Usefulness: A web page can be simple and beautiful but the main purpose of it must not be left aside, which is to provide the user with the information.
  • Study: I do not just use the first thing I find. Behind my work there has been research on what product or technology is the best that can be used.

Featured project

Naikare's WordPress web design
Naikare is a small business which is located in Barcelona and is dedicated to artisan bookbinding. They needed a WordPress web designer who could take care of their new webpage.

Its website needed certain special features: a gallery to present photographs of the works, a calendar to publish the workshops taking place at the shop and a registration form.

As it grows, new and interesting features are being added, such as an online shop or the addition of two languages: Catalan and English.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?
Assuming that we are talking about the creation or modification of your web page, it depends on what you would like. That is, a simple blog is not the same as an online store.

But when I know what exactly you want, we will be able to estimate the time it will take.

Do you redesign websites?
Of course.
Do I have to give you something?
Yes, whether we are going to do a new project or you only want me to take care of your WordPress maintenance, I will need access to your WordPress admin area and perhaps to the services that your hosting provider gives you, such as FTP or database access.

If we are talking about a new project, I will also need all the content you want the web to have. That includes texts and photographs.

Do you work with another platform other than WordPress?
Not at the moment. We can migrate the site from another platform (Wix,, Blogger…) to WordPress, but the design, implementation, support and maintenance is on WordPress.
Do you do custom developments?
My designs are based on WordPress themes, and then I add the required customisation for each project. That means that if your project needs a specific and unique design for which you need to develop a theme from scratch, it is better to work with your trusted developer.

If you are not sure, don’t worry, talk to me and we’ll see.

I don't have hosting or domain, can you help me?
Of course. I will advise you about what’s the best service we can get and if you want I’ll guide you during the whole process.
Can we implement a theme I saw on my own?
In theory, yes. However, first of all we will check it to see that it meets certain requirements of quality and that it adapts to what we want.
What third-party services can I integrate?
Whichever you want as long as WordPress supports it. Considering that 25 % of all the websites in the world are made with WordPress, you can imagine that almost certainly what you need can be integrated.


You can use the form down here or, if you prefer, send me a mail to I’ll answer you as soon as possible!